1970: Floral


Floral prints had the time of their lives in the ‘70s when it was all about flower power, but now the style is back. A good way to get a modern hippie look is to add a touch of floral to an outfit.

Floral was commonly confined to being solely a spring and summer trend, but now it’s a year-round go-to. Florals are a great print piece because of the different color and pattern options, even for those who aren’t going for the overtly feminine look.

Use floral as your statement piece by pairing an abstract floral skirt with a simple white tee and black cardigan. Wear a floral crop top with denim and a loose sweater to complete a boho-chic ensemble. A tip when mixing florals is to make sure the different prints share a color to link the two prints together.

Story by Chelsie Hollis

Models Priscilla Langdon & Elliot Head

Photo Jenny F. Chan

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