1980: Jean on Jean


Dark, light, even acid washed; whatever your type, layered Levi’s have never looked so chic. Swap your corduroys and cottons for this season’s coolest and easiest combo: double denim.

Try a light wash button-down with a pair of dark grey or black skinny jeans. Pay attention to the thickness of your denim as well–a thin, soft jean top looks stellar with chunky denim shorts.

Play up your accessories, but resist the urge to go full Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake circa 2001 with jean-textured purses or hats. Instead, use colored belts, patterned scarves and layered shirts to separate denim pieces. Simplicity and balance are key to dabbling in double denim.

Story by Romana Mrzljak

Models Robbie Ashurst & Jaci Hullenberg

Photo Jenny F. Chan

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