The Lost Art of Letter Writing: Sometimes Snail Mail is Better


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The Lost Art of Letter Writing
Sometimes Snail Mail is Better

By: Jennifer Baker

Recently, I had an old high school friend put out a message on Facebook instructing anyone interested in receiving a handwritten letter to let her know. There was one condition: They had to write her back.
In this age of technology, and well, lightning-fast everything, sometimes you just long for something a little slower. Email is great and all, but it’s fun to get an actual pen and some paper—especially when it’s not simply the notebook paper and ballpoint pen you use to take notes in class—and pen a letter to someone. It makes it personal. It means more, both to you and the recipient.
Letters have become something of an anomaly but why? We get excited when we see them in the mailbox yet hardly ever take the time to write them ourselves. If receiving letters in the mail brings so much joy to someone, why don’t we send them more often? Sure, people send birthday cards, Christmas cards, get-well soon cards and the like, but it’s not the same. All too often, cards are just hastily signed to get them out the door. Maybe it’s because once you’re done with the letter you still have to find an envelope. And a stamp. And then take it to the post office. That takes too long when you can just click the send button on an email without getting up from your chair. That’s much easier. That must be it.
Because letter writing takes more time, the message that the recipient receives goes far beyond just the letter and the words contained in it. It says something about the relationship. The person to whom the letter is written is clearly someone special.
Reconnecting with close friends and loved ones in this way is something that should not be allowed to slip away. It’s a dying art—an endangered species of sorts—and we should do whatever it takes not to let it become extinct.
So, go out and buy a stationery set that you just love and a pen that you’ll enjoy writing with, and get to it! Besides, who wants to be greeted by only junk mail and bills when they go to their mailbox?

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