5 Top Dreams


Story and Graphics | Alexa Mitchell

Psychologists have been trying to figure out dreams for centuries.

They are best defined as sequences of notions, images and feelings, but they also appear to go hand in hand with one’s mental health.

ONE: Dreams that involve the decaying or loss of teeth likely indicate anxieties about appearance, the perception of others and fear of rejection. These dreams are more common among women

 TWO: To dream of being chased usually reflects wanting to avoid a particular situation. Whether the dreamer runs, hides or confronts the situation may reveal how he or she would cope with fears or stressors in everyday life.

 THREE: The appearance of spiders in dreams exposes feelings of entrapment in a clingy relationship. Representative of a controlling force, these dreams frequently occur when an individual feels dehumanized. Spiders are also indicators of a desire to avoid an enticing situation.

 FOUR: Dreams of public nakedness are indicators of vulnerability and fear of misjudgment. Nudity can also be an indicator of being caught off guard.

 FIVE: Falling dreams usually stem from insecurity or a lack of control. They normally take place in the first stage of sleep, and the dreamer often awakens before hitting the ground due to spasms of the legs, arms and body.

Midnight Snacks

Sometimes it is hard to resist that midnight snack before bed, especially during a late night study session. While some of those  irresistible munchies may cause a night of disrupted sleep, others may induce a more positive slumber.


Old myths suggest that the consumption of cheese or other dairy products enhance the dreaming experience. Dairy products tend to be high in tryptophan, like turkey. Milk also contains calcium that aids tryptophan in the production of melatonin. All work together to cause a sounder sleep.


Nuts are a light snack before bed that will not produce negative side effects because they are also high in magnesium and tryptophan, both of which tend to calm nerves.

Spicy Foods

It has been said that spicy foods cause elevated body temperatures that can lead to disrupted and poor quality sleep, increasing the likelihood for nightmares. Lay off the chicken wings before bed, particularly during finals week!

DIY: Keep a Dream Journal

Documenting dreams helps people notice patterns, gain self-awareness, and in the long run, improve their psychological well-being.

Materials needed for this DIY: a notebook, a pen, a bed and a pillow.

  1. Take some time to embelish the newly aquired notebook.
  2. Set up a designated area for writing materials. A good spot is next to a sleeping area so that results can be immediately documented.
  3. Try to hold off an extra five minutes before stumbling to the coffee machine, and record dreams immediately upon awakening.
    The results will be more accurate.
  4. Title and date sections for organization.
  5. Take time to reflect and pay attention to details.





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