What is the Ampersand?

Ampersand is the biannual, student-produced publication of Webster University, funded by the School of Communications. Focused on student life, the magazine has a circulation of 1,500 to 2,000 issues which are enjoyed free of charge by students, faculty and staff. The magazine is distributed at the end of each semester on the St. Louis campus. In addition to the content created by the staff of students enrolled in the class, the magazine features a section called The Gallery, which showcases creative work by select students of Webster University. In the Fall of 2014, the Ampersand produced an App and is available from the iTunes and Google Play stores. The issues in the app will provide the same content that is in the magazine along with video, audio, extra photography and more written content.

Mission Statement

Ampersand represents Webster’s shared culture and highlights the common ties of the worldwide Webster community. The magazine should act as a channel for expressive thoughts, focus and ideas for the St. Louis campus in a lasting and memorable fashion.


In 2002, several students discovered an issue of the 1970s Webster College Non-Yearbook. They were inspired by the unstructured, artistic publication and set out to re-establish the publication.

After countless planning, a Media Topics class was established in spring 2003 for the creation of a unique publication. Its goal was not only to serve as a reminder of the semester, much like a yearbook, but to also be a compelling read,  like a magazine. Aiming to incorporate other students in Ampersand’s creation, the staff solicited creative contributions, giving the publication a literary magazine and coffee table book feel. The staff of five produced the first issue of the Ampersand, a 76 page black and white issue, in only four weeks.

Over the next few years, the staff grew and the design and content evolved. With the fall 2004 issue, Ampersand entered a new year with the addition of color to its design. The spring 2005 magazine won several national awards, including first in cover design and first for its contents page design by the Associated Collegiate Press (ACP) and the College Media Advisers (CMA). The magazine also won the coveted Gold Crown by Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA). Today, the course is JOUR 4390 and a magazine production certificate is offered. Ampersand has become an integral part of Webster University’s future — and an apt record of its past.

ADVISOR: Karen Burch
(314) 968-6926