Magazine Class

The class that produces the Ampersand is called Magazine Production JOUR 4390 and is offered Thursday nights Fall and Spring semesters.

Course: JOUR 4390 Magazine Production

Instructor: Karen Burch

314-246-6926 (w)  314-369-6979 (c)

Course Description:

This course will provide the principles and techniques of producing a student magazine. The students in the class assume responsibility for production of the magazine under the supervision of the faculty advisor. May be repeated for credit.

Prerequisite: No prerequisites

Course Learning Outcomes: (Goals, objectives, course outcomes, etc.)

The students will learn the basic components of writing, design/layout skills, photography, advertising sales and distribution as it applies to producing a student magazine.

  • Students will learn the basics of magazine production (design, photography, writing, ads, distribution, digital).
  • Students will learn the basics of InDesign’s interactive options  and and will help work on the digital app and website.
  • Students who become editor or managing editors will build leadership and management skills.