Magazine Class

The class that produces the Ampersand is called Magazine Production JOUR 4390 and is offered Thursday nights Fall and Spring semesters.

Course: JOUR 4390 Magazine Production

Instructor: Karen Burch

314-246-6926 (w)  314-369-6979 (c)

Course Description:

This course will provide the principles and techniques of producing a student magazine. The students in the class assume responsibility for production of the magazine under the supervision of the faculty advisor. May be repeated for credit.

Prerequisite: No prerequisites

Course Learning Outcomes: (Goals, objectives, course outcomes, etc.)

The students will learn the basic components of writing, design/layout skills, photography, advertising sales and distribution as it applies to producing a student magazine.

  • Students will learn the basics of business concepts and apply them to managing the magazine.
  • Students will learn the basics with the Digital Publishing Suite and offering web versions of the magazine.
  • Students who become editor or managing editors will build management skills.

Materials and/or Required Textbooks: None

Course schedule:

This is a production-based course. The first few weeks we will go over production tools, the rest will be production of the magazine.

Course Policies:

Because this a production/deadline-based course, attendance is extremely important.

Grading will be based on attendance, assignments, midterm & final, quality of work, meeting deadlines and working as a team player.


Attendance: 10 pts. (Each class you miss is -5pts.)

Quizzes: 10 pts. (5 pts. Each)

Midterm: 10 pts.

Deadlines: 10pts.

Assignments: 30 pts.

Final: 20 pts. (This is a take home final that is due finals week.)

Editor and Adviser evaluation: Meeting Deadlines, quality of work & working as a team player: 10 pts.

Grade = 100 pts.


The Undergraduate Catalog provides these guidelines and grading options:

A, A- superior work in the opinion of the instructor

B+, B, B- good work in the opinion of the instructor

C+, C, C- satisfactory work in the opinion of the instructor

D+, D passing, but less than satisfactory work in the opinion of the instructor

I incomplete work in the opinion of the instructor

ZF An incomplete which was not completed within one year of the end of the course

F unsatisfactory work in the opinion of the instructor; no credit is granted

W withdrawn from the course

IP course in progress

WV course waived, no credit granted

WF Unofficial Withdrawal: A student enrolled for the course, did not withdraw, and failed to complete course requirements. Used when, in the opinion of the instructor, there is insufficient completed work to evaluate academic performance. WF is treated the same as an F or NC for all cases involving GPA, academic warning, probation, and dismissal.

Incomplete Grades – A grade of Incomplete (‘I’) may be assigned by the instructor in extenuating circumstances where the student has satisfactorily completed major components of the course and has the ability to finish the remaining work without re-enrolling. The instructor determines the appropriateness of a grade of I, establishes the remaining requirements, and determines a deadline for course completion. These requirements for resolution of the I grade are generally documented with a ‘course incomplete’ form. All other grades are final and may not be changed.

This course is governed by the University’s policies, as published in the University catalog.

Academic Honesty:The University is committed to high standards of academic honesty. Students will be held responsible for violations of these standards. Please refer to the university catalog for a definition of academic dishonesty and potential associated disciplinary actions. (Each instructor and/or Program Facilitator can add to and supplement this statement with their own policies on items such as plagiarism.)

Drops and Withdrawals:Please be aware that the Drop/Add and Withdrawal dates are listed each semester on the University website, in the University catalog and in the Course Description book. If the course is dropped within the Drop/Add period, no notation of the course will appear on the student’s transcript. Withdrawals take place after the published Drop date and a “W” in the course will appear on the student’s transcript.

Special Services: If you have registered as a student with a documented disability and are entitled to classroom or testing accommodations, please inform the instructor at the beginning of the course of the accommodations you will require in this course so that these can be provided.

Disturbances: Since every student is entitled to full participation in class without interruption, disruption of class by inconsiderate behavior is not acceptable. Students are expected to treat the instructor and fellow students with dignity and respect, especially in cases where diversity of opinions arise. (Each instructor can list their own policies here with regards to cell phones, eating in class, etc.)

Student Assignments Retained: Some random student assignments or projects will be retained by the School of Communications for the purpose of academic assessment as it relates to student learning outcomes. In every such case, the student’s name and all identifying information about the student will be removed from the assignment or project.

Contact hours for this course: It is essential that all classes meet for the full instructional time as scheduled. A class cannot be shortened in length without rescheduling and/or make up activities.