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What to Netflix Next

Whether you’re supposed to be grinding out that 10-page final paper, emailing your boss back or cleaning your room, it’s possible you’re procrastinating. Not because you don’t want to get those things done not at all! It’s just that Netflix is better. No need to be ashamed.

Kick back and start that eight-season show you’ve been meaning to watch because your best friend just won’t shut up about it. In case you’re fresh out of recommendations, here are a few binge-worthy shows to start with.

Best Ensemble Comedy That Will Make Your Whole Day Better:

Parks And Recreation

A yet-untapped Chris Pratt, fresh-from-Saturday Night Live Amy Poehler, and baby-faced Aziz Ansari are just a few of the actors in key Parks and Recreation roles. This show is a pure burst of sunshine with a likeable lead character and goofy storylines. Parks has an incredible amount of heart and characters who care about their jobs and about each other. In Pawnee, Indiana, friends can be family too.

Best Feel-Good Dramedy Featuring Lauren Graham in a Lead Role:

Gilmore Girls

Though Parenthood gave Gilmore Girls a run for its money in this category, the cult status of Gilmore Girls pushed the show to the top. The first episode premiered in 2000, but Gilmore Girls re-entered the pop culture stratosphere when Netflix began offering all 7 seasons of the popular show last fall. Known for its witty dialogue, fun romances and captivating portrayal of a mother-daughter relationship, Gilmore Girls is a new classic. Bonus points for the show’s use of Melissa McCarthy.

Best Show About Football That Isn’t Really About Football:

Friday Night Lights

The plot of Friday Night Lights may revolve around a Texas football coach and his high school-aged players, but the show isn’t solely sports-oriented. Friday Night Lights showcases the realities of high school living in America, from getting into college to racism and even abortion. FNL is just as much soap opera as sports show, leaving male and females viewers alike cheering “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

Best Animated TV Show Not Created By Seth MacFarlane:

Bob’s Burgers

Animated shows can often be over-the-top, but Bob’s Burgers is not a show based on saturated satire or jokes at the expense of realistic family relationships. The Belchers are a family of unique characters feminist son Gene and boy-crazy, monotone daughter Tina are fan favorites who support and care for each other. It takes the whole clan to run Bob’s Burgers, but it’s best that way.

Story by Allison Klinghammer

Illustration by Romana Mrzljak

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