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Growing up can be a hard thing to do if you feel as though you are clueless on how to become an adult. Here are some quick tips to help you through what you might consider one of the hardest transitions in your life —  besides middle school.

Organization Skills

Staying organized can significantly reduce your stress levels. Investing in a planner or agenda to keep track of daily activities and important dates keeps you one step ahead of the game. Important documents and bills should be stored in one place which will save you time looking for a certain one. Try finding a nice storage bin or file folder that can stay next to your desk or under your bed. These are sensitive documents that others shouldn’t get access to, so you want to make sure they are in a safe place.

Smart Grocery Shopping

Buy things that are good for you, not just junk. Purchase fresh produce such as berries and veggies, in addition to meats, yogurt and other healthy snacks like cheese and nuts. Learning to distinguish between what you want and what you need makes a difference! You can buy foods in bulk for multiple recipes that use the same ingredients. For example, pulled pork can be used to make nachos, quesadillas, and sandwiches. Now you have three meals with one main ingredient. Other ways to save could be looking through “junk mail” for coupons and daily deals at your local grocery store.

Credit Cards

Getting a credit card can be beneficial if you don’t abuse it. Keeping up with payments will help you build up credit so that in the future you can purchase a home or car. Showing that you consistently pay your bills helps raise your credit score. Having zero credit is not a good thing! Building up your credit score will help you get loans in the future from banks and investors and will help you with those big purchases. Be responsible with a credit card by learning about different offers. There are tons of resources out there to help you get started. Citi, Discover and Capital One are some great places to start when looking to get student cards. Student cards are perfect for those who have zero credit and low income. Banks often have high interest rates, so start by looking at the different companies listed above.

Story by Monica Behrle

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