Androgyny: Defying Gender Stereotypes With Fashion

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Androgyny aims to test gender roles and societal norms by promoting and maximizing certain traits that go against the status quo. The idea is to mix masculine items with feminine flair, which keeps your look interesting and often unexpected. This bold style allows those who are not comfortable being assigned
a traditional gender to dress
the way they feel.

The androgynous trend continues to gain new followers looking for something different. It’s a powerful style that is sophisticated, classy and easy to do. If you want to break gender stereotypes and look fashionable while doing it, use these basic tips to build
an androgynous wardrobe.

Invest in a stylish pair of unisex shoes. Converse and Oxfords are good, standard options. A wing tip will also work well. Don’t go for a shoe that is too round, as these are pretty outdated. Button up shirts and bowties are a must. Rock the button up untucked with your favorite pair of jeans and choose a bowtie that adds character.

Stay away from powdery colors. Androgyny calls for bright or dark clothing— nothing in between.

Try any of these androgyny-inspired tips to transform your everyday look into something more stylish and less gendered.  With an ambiguous wardrobe, your options are limitless.

Story by Sierra Hancock

Photo by  Jeannie Liautaud


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