Fall 2015

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Healthy, Local, Low Cost

Eat Well for Less It’s lunch, you’re hungry and you only have 10 dollars in your pocket. Instead of driving through your favorite fast…


The Rise of Brunch

Where to Get a Good Meal in St. Louis Brunch is not just a meal, it’s an emerging lifestyle. It has become the premiere…


Hailey Kaufman

Biology, philosophy & religious studies student, bone collector, rat parent Surrounded by dead carcasses and collections of bones, Hailey Kaufman explores the worlds of…


Sips for a Steal

Classy Cocktails for the Pinched Pocketbook Kerplunk! A perfect ice cube lands in the glass, causing the honey-colored liquid to ripple. You raise it…


1970: Floral

Floral prints had the time of their lives in the ‘70s when it was all about flower power, but now the style is back….

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1990: Boots

Today’s combat boots hold true to the old-school grunge style, typically laced or zipped up.


The Nostalgia Era

It’s a form of personal expression. It’s a way to speak your mind without saying a word. It allows you to showcase to the…


The Coffee is Good

Reviewing Diners Around St. Louis Yelp’s top-rated local restaurants are too classy for some. What fills their stomachs are diners, and those diners fill…


Michelle Loyet

Anthropology professor, roller derby enthusiast, world traveller As a new parent, anthropology professor Michelle Loyet thought it would be difficult to take care of an…