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Festivals all over Europe to fit any type of music taste To get the full European experience, attending an open-air music festival is absolutely…


Destination: Stockholm

Ampersand takes you to a city in Scandinavia where ancient history meets fashion, style and technology. Story and Photo by Helio Qendro Few cities…


Too Good to be True

Knowing the dangers of the Couchsurfing app and how to navigate it safely Story by Emily Van de Riet • Photo by Christine Siampos…


Monumental Impact

  Every nation in the world keeps a treasured landmark or 10 close to their heart — landmarks that embody the spirit of their…

Global Local Eats

  Many countries are known for their cuisine, but you can’t always travel every time you want to indulge in authentic international food. With…

Cultural Comparison

Living on different Webster campuses can offer diverse experiences. The moment you leave your home country with the study abroad program, huge piles of…


Realistic Wanderlust

    A lonely traveler steps off a train in an unfamiliar country. They look to their phone, but damn — no wifi service….