Community To Closet

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Small buy, big impact. Shopping locally can have great benefits on your community and your wardrobe. From handmade necklaces to STL-inspired T-shirts, a stylish wardrobe is literally just steps away.

Shopping locally strengthens your community’s economy, putting more money back into your pocket. Sales taxes profit local schools and police departments, not just national programs. Try skipping the mall and head to Paperdolls in University City, or East+West in Kirkwood for designer denim.

Fuel your Etsy obsession and save the planet with statement gemstone jewelry from Scarlett Garnet. Each elegant piece is cut locally, minimizing transportation waste and reducing pollution. Etsy shops like Anna Ourth Jewelry also embrace environmental sustainability. The eclectic shop ships all of its’ personalized, handcrafted jewelry in environmentally friendly Kraft boxes.

Mom and Pop stores also add character to your town. Support local designers with a one-of-a-kind T-shirt from STL-Style. The ultra-cool shop embraces St. Louis pride by working with local artists for design inspiration. Swing around the corner and you might just find your next outfit.

Story by Romana Mrzljak

Photos by Latasha Dean and Kristen Pruser

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