Deceptive Decorating

digitalcrys_7048You move out of your parents’ home and into your new tiny space, look around at everything you unloaded into your dorm and chuckle. Somehow you thought it would miraculously all fit. To combat this storage struggle, here are some tips to maximize every square foot of your small space.


Mirrors help give the illusion of more space; the larger it is, the better. By placing a mirror opposite of a window, light will bounce around the room and feel airier.


Instead of having two bookshelves up against each other, try stacking them vertically to make the room more spacious. Hang curtains as high as possible and add vertical stripes to either the curtains or the walls. This will help make the room feel taller.


Keep your space light with both color schemes and light fixtures. Instead of using dark hues, try a more neutral color scheme; these colors will make your room feel more open. Use lamps or open up the curtains and flood the room with natural light. Keeping your room well-lit broadens the room.


Get furniture with legs instead of furniture that sits on the floor. Move the couch about an inch or two from the wall to make the room feel more open. Find a cheap table and cut it in half so it doesn’t take up as much room. Yes, you read that right, physically cut the table in half. Cutting a nightstand in half and placing it against or attaching it to the wall will let it lay flat against the wall and is less bulky.

Story by Crystal French

Photos by Madeline Johnson


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