Don’t Be Afraid of the F-Word

There are plenty of things I dislike in this world. For example, I can’t stand when people call me “sweetie.” I also hate when people bring up thigh gaps. And menstrual cramps. Those are the worst.

Written by Allison Klinghammer

But my least favorite thing in the world is when people, especially girls, are quick to assure others that they aren’t feminists. Because everyone knows feminists are raging man-haters, right?

It took me a long time to realize I don’t have to be ashamed of calling myself a feminist. I didn’t understand that even though it means different things to different people, feminism is, at its root, about equality.

Feminism to me means allowing women to step up to more leadership positions without beating them down and calling them “bossy” or “controlling.” But it also means allowing men to be more nurturing without bullying them and calling them “wusses” or “cowards.  Feminism means fighting for everyone to be exactly who they want to be.

Now that I know feminism benefits everyone, I’m not ashamed to announce that I’m a feminist. Sure, I get lots of responses like “oh, so you hate men?” This is infuriating to me. My first reaction is to say, “Yeah, I do! What are you going to do about it?” But that’s not even true; I just have a quick temper and a sarcasm problem.

Bottom line is, (most) feminists don’t hate men. We just love equality; why not stand up for that? Not to brag, but we have Beyoncé on our side.


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