Embarking on the Journey | Tips for Smoother Travels


You dream about being able to study abroad. You fill out all the paperwork, get a passport, get your flight booked… the time is finally here. Your mind races, wondering if you have any idea what you’re about to embark on. Worry no more — here are some tips to help make traveling just a little smoother for you.

Bring a Power Strip

If you only bring one converter for your electronics, you’ll have to choose which item you want to charge. Some people bring multiple converters so they can charge more than one item at a time, but there is an easier solution. Instead of buying several converters for your phone, laptop, and camera, just bring a power strip. This way you can plug the converter in the power strip and have multiple outlets. Bonus: all your friends will love you for providing extra outlets while traveling.

Don’t Waste Suitcase Space

Pack travel size refillable bottles and once you reach your destination buy shampoo and conditioner to keep refilling as you go. Save room and leave your bulky towels at home. Instead, buy a microfiber, lightweight towel that dries fast so you can head to your next stop.

Embrace the Change

When you finally reach your destination, you’re going to be tired and hungry. Drinking a lot of water will help the body transition easier. Try not to sleep at all until nighttime in your new time zone — the transition will only take longer if you nap before then. Keep yourself busy; go for a walk in your new city and get acquainted.

Find Cheaper Flights

When looking for flights, make sure to clear the history on your computer after you are finished. These sites track how often you’re viewing certain flights. The prices will start to increase each time you visit. If your schedule allows, look for flight times that most people would not travel. The earlier and later flights are almost always cheaper. Also, make sure the tram is running if you book at odd times, or you might find yourself sprinting with luggage to make it to the airport.

Story & photo by Crystal French

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