Food of All Types

Photo by: jenny Chan

Sometimes, thinking outside the happy meal box can prove to be a great idea. When everyday food options become dull and less appealing, it’s time to make that change. St. Louis boasts a few restaurants that are just around the block and know how to serve something a little different

Written by Eric Ramirez

Sweetie Pie’s, located in The Grove, is one of St. Louis’s most famous restaurants. This restaurant is known for its amazing fried chicken and other home-style soul foods, with plates ranging from $8-$20.

Photo by Jenny Chan

Photo by Jenny Chan

Laughter becomes the background music at Sweetie Pie’s, at least when the OWN network isn’t overpowering conversations, and one can expect back pats and waves as they leave.

Once a small taco stand, La Vallesana has developed into a full-sized restaurant located on Cherokee Street. With plates ranging from $4-$8, this is the best place to go for some inexpensive, authentically made Mexican food and a good drink.

The restaurant provides full bar services along with friendly waiters and a laid back environment. The building isn’t the most spacious, but it doesn’t become too crowded.

For an intimate feel and a different type of cuisine, Café Natasha is a must. Middle Eastern food and candle lit tables bring this small building, located on South Grand, to life. Expect to spend some money here though; with plates ranging from $14 all the way up to $23, it is very easy to rack up a big bill here.

While the food may be a bit pricey, this restaurant offers fantastic service to make it all worthwhile. During the summer season the patio opens up, where traditional belly dancing and hookah provide entertainment. With a completely laid back environment, there is no reason why one wouldn’t enjoy their time here.

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