Get Stoned

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Natural Healing for Every Realm of Life

School, jobs, relationships, stress — sometimes life is hard, man. For a natural way to alleviate a little weight, try healing stones. Pathways, a New Age store in South County, offers a plethora of stones, crystals and other items pertaining to spirituality and organic healing. To get the most from your stones’ earthly energies, simply wear them, keep them under your mattress or tuck them in your purse or wallet.

Amethyst is a natural stress reliever. It attracts positive energy while clearing your body and home of any negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, stress and fear. It’s excellent for meditation.

Citrine helps bring prosperity and career success. This stone is ideal for luck with internships and job opportunities, as well as cash flow when kept in your wallet.

Rose Quartz is the crystal of love. It heals emotional wounds and attracts all types of positive love — romantic love, self-love and love of family and friends.

Moonstone provides protection during travel. Keep one handy during flights, while on water or in your glove compartment for safe night driving.

Story by Julia Peschel

Photo by Jeannie Liautaud

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