Green Eateries: Reviewing Vegan/Vegetarian Options


Going vegan or vegetarian is a pretty dramatic lifestyle change that more and more people are choosing. I even dedicated two years of my life to cutting out meat and other animal products in high school. Unsure about the vegan and vegetarian options near Webster, I decided to hit the town and check out a few restaurants.

Lulu’s Local Eatery

Lulu’s sits in a diverse part of town, and the building itself is a reflection of that. Before even stepping into the restaurant, you’re greeted with bright yellow doors covered in “refugees are welcome here” and “stop profiling muslims” posters.

The large room has rustic vibes and is very lively and bright with large windows and a moss covered wall hanging. The abundance of flowers has potential to liven the place up even more (though many of the flowers were dead or dying).

The vegan menu has nearly 20 options (not including the drinks and delicious looking desserts sitting in the display case at the counter) all for a reasonable price. Options range from spicy buffalo cauliflower bites to different salads, nachos and mac and cheese. The food itself is tasty and makes you forget your food contains no animal products. Lulu’s is a place for both vegans and non-vegans who enjoy delicious food for a nice price.

Seedz Cafe

This adorable vegan restaurant gives out major hippie vibes. They offer 100% organic, plant-based food, including juices, smoothies, eats, drinks and pastries. The bright pillows and handwritten chalkboard menu makes you feel like you’re at your friend’s house. Sounds of the kitchen and everyone’s conversations make it hard to hear the songs of rebellion (like Johnny Cash and Janis Joplin) that play in the background.

Get there before you’re hungry and try to go during their less popular times. While the mac and cheese and Margherita pizza were delicious, the wait and somewhat expensive price barely made it worth it. The limited seating inside fills up quickly, and while there is outdoor seating, there’s not much of it.

If you’re looking for a happy place to sit and eat your favorite vegan food, Seedz Cafe is that place. Just be prepared to wait a while and spend a pretty penny.

Tree House

Just a few blocks over from Lulu’s stands Tree House. It is much more intimate. The room has beautiful tree paintings on the wall, dim lighting and each table has an adorable miniature vase with small flowers sitting next to a candle. The bar provides customers drinks as they wait for other members of their party to arrive. Smooth jazz plays quietly in the background but is almost unheard at times due to the chatter and noise that fills the room.

Tree House offers over 40 vegetarian options, which include vegan and gluten-free choices. The Chorizo tamale and butternut squash were delicious, but the chatter of the restaurant made it hard to order and hear what our server was saying.

When you prefer a less casual atmosphere, head on over to Tree House for great vegetarian food and drinks.

Story by Natalie Wagner

Photo by Katie Dineen

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