Green Room




A dorm room’s white, concrete walls can make a bedroom feel more like a prison. Your new apartment sure feels lonely now that you’re on your own. Whether you’re in need of a companion or a pop of life, a succulent’s vibrant colors and intrigue are the go-to.

These plants can do more than simply sit on your desk. Succulents known as Hens-and-Chicks shine as focal pieces in any hanging wreath. Beautiful pinks and lavenders with streaks of vibrant blues and greens are not the only thing to look forward to in these plants. Doses of vitamin C, B and E, protein and fibers can be found in succulents such as dragon fruit, aloe and sea beans. Tastes that will make your tongue dance are an added bonus. Take the creative route and make it a DIY — use wood or clay to make a home for your new friend.

If you want a succulent without the work involved, cacti are calling your name. These plants just need a spritz of water weekly. Additionally, many stores have plastic succulents that will do the job without interfering with your busy schedule. Spunky plants are the perfect desk accessory or windowsill partner to have, giving a little color to your day in the upcoming bleak, winter months.

Story by Madeline Johnson

Photos by Katie Dineen

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