Hat Trick


Whether protecting cavemen from inclement weather or indicating a high social status, hats have been a key part of society’s progression. For the better part of history, hats have acted as a key meat in our cultural stew.

Many people foolishly write off hats as beachwear, or something that is not being  incorporated in the world of serious fashion. Upon deeper analysis, hats serve as one of the most durable and effective pieces that can accent any outfit. Whether with a snapback supporting your favorite team or a thrifted beanie showcasing your unique personality, hats are fashion’s unofficial ambassador. They have appeared with outfits wildly varying in formality, price and identity.

For those wanting to include hats into their everyday style, keep in mind that a hat doesn’t have to match the rest of the outfit exactly, but it has to be in the same color scheme. Always make sure the hat is the right size for your head — many would be surprised how many people with overly large hats are walking around a vape store near you.

Lastly, make sure the hat you’re wearing speaks about something you are passionate about — whether it be a school you support, a band you can’t get enough of or a cause near to your heart.

When coordinated with your outfit properly, hats are a fashion staple that transcends seasons — one that will remain in style long after the flavor of the months have vanished from the public’s fashion consciousness.

Story by Ian Scott

Photo by Crystal French

Model Katie O’Toole

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