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Eat Well for Less

It’s lunch, you’re hungry and you only have 10 dollars in your pocket. Instead of driving through your favorite fast food joint, it can be just as easy to eat healthy — simply pay a visit to one of the local markets loaded with fresh foods.

Lucky’s Market in Rock Hill is a one-stop shopping destination with high-quality ingredients for surprisingly low prices. All year round, they provide fresh produce from local farms, as well as organic and gluten-free selections. Stop by for college student-friendly events like their painting and wine night.

Another option is Roger’s Produce, a locally-owned establishment that’s cheaper than most grocery stores and located right next to campus on Lockwood Avenue.

Head to Roger’s for vibrant yellow squash, crisp green peppers and even giant pumpkins around Halloween at a fraction of the price elsewhere. Fresh fruits and veggies are brought in daily and the owner, Roger Krull, will help you find the ripest selections.

In addition to visiting the markets, buying in bulk can help you save money in the long run. Items that stay good for a long time are ideal for buying in bulk; while grains, beans, rice and nuts last a long time, they also have countless uses. Not only will your wallet thank you, so will your body.

Story by Melissa Buelt

Illustration by Romana Mrzljak

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