Hella Good Thrift Stores


Where to shop for vintage clothing on a budget

Story by Hayley Abshear •  Photo by Jackie Grucela • Model Alice McHugh

The thrifting trend is in full bloom, and vintage ‘90s clothes are making a statement. A sweatshirt with bright pinks, yellows and blues expressed in random shapes would be considered a score to some. For others, a grungy, vintage Nirvana shirt with some light-washed mom jeans is the ultimate thrift outfit. St. Louis has some great places to find stylish, vintage clothes.

Reset (resetstl.com) is a small, hole-in-the-wall vintage resale shop in Maplewood. Along the entire left side of the wall hang vintage t-shirts and sweatshirts. Styles range from ‘90s Mickey Mouse polos to bootleg Gucci crew necks. In the mix are more current streetwear brands like Supreme, Palace and Of-White. Whether you want to cop a Supreme cheetah print hat or a neon Nike windbreaker, Reset has what you’re looking for. The best part? You can bring your own name-brand or vintage clothes, sell them there, and walk away with money in your pocket or in-store credit.

Found by the Pound (foundbythepound.com) is a hip-hop themed thrift store in Berkeley where you can find the perfect denim to pair with your new streetwear from Reset. Along the giant graffiti wall you can find ‘90s-style denim, from jackets to jeans to fanny packs. Found by the Pound has a separate selection of bargains like fur coats, corduroy jackets and sneakers. And it’s all only $3 per pound.

Avalon Exchange (avalonexchange.com) is another thrift store found on Delmar. It has styles to suit any style personality, not only from the ‘90s but from decades before. Well-known to St. Louis natives, Avalon Exchange has vintage finds all around. Any type of clothing or style you can think of, Avalon Exchange probably has it. Looking for a black and white sequin dress with a blue fur trim? Head to Avalon Exchange.

Strut the ‘90s vintage look with thrifty clothes from all around St. Louis.

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