Hidden Gems

The travel guide you receive at study abroad orientation is only a starting point. Each Webster study abroad destination has obscure venues, activities and sights to everyone’s liking. Give your Lonely Planet a break and create your own memories.


When you’re not enjoying the breathtaking view of the Swiss Alps or discovering your inner-political junkie at the United Nations, visit Mont-Salève. Mont-Salève has a panoramic view of Geneva and France just across the way. For those not interested in mountains, take a break from the snowy slopes and explore the vibrant foliage at the Geneva Botanical Garden. If you still aren’t taking the best Instagram pictures of your life, hit the Plainpalais flea market or enjoy the day along the banks of the Rhone River.


Vienna, once home to Beethoven and Mozart, was Forbes’ Most Livable City on Earth in 2015. Vienna offers more than just classical music and historic architecture — if you’re up for a groovy night on the dance floor, give the Grelle Forelle a visit. The Der Wiener Deewan, a “pay what you can” Pakistani restaurant, is perfect for vegetarians seeking diverse food options. When you’re exhausted of the urban atmosphere, escape to the countryside and enjoy the wonders of Burg Kreuzenstein, a beautiful medieval castle just north of Vienna.


It would be difficult not to find new experiences in Thailand. Some students can’t get enough of Bangkok and the famed full moon parties, all night beach parties mostly attended by tourists — don’t be that person.

Enjoy Thailand’s wildlife and exotic, natural landscapes. Travel to Erawan National Park and witness the serene beauty of the blue waterfalls. The temples of Chiang Mai make for an astonishing sight no matter the viewer’s religion or lack thereof.

Story: DeVon Haynes

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