Likes, favorites and retweets are what keep people coming back to social media. However, social media is a hub for narcissism. There’s no denying it; users are essentially branding themselves, even if it’s just to their friends from school. Here are a few of the most crucial rules to abide by to make your “brand” a less annoying one.

Written by Audrey Hasse


Selfies, or self-portraits, are rarely appropriate. It really is a shame, but it’s true. For days when the eyeliner is applied like a pro or when one’s hair is finally doing that thing it never does, a selfie seems like the perfect avenue to showcase awesomeness. But in general, people are groaning as they scroll past that kissy face. As hard as it is to surrender all selfies to the Internet gods, it’s a must. Relax, there’s always Snapchat: The home of the selfie.

Your Terrific Relationship

Being in love! It’s so exciting! Shout it from the rooftops! No really, most people would actually prefer if it was shouted from the rooftops. Don’t tweet about it.  Besides, the more private the relationship, the more fulfilling it will be. Remember how Kim Kardashian’s fairytale wedding ended up?

The “Humblebrag”

This one is tricky because the Internet, at its core, is one big game of “humblebrag.” It can often be hard to spot the difference between a genuine life update and a disguised pat-on-the-back. The “humblebrag” spectrum is a wide one. An Instagram picture of a nice hotel room is one thing, but a screenshot of semester grades is another.

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