Jennifer Starkey: Coming Full Circle

_DSD1704 2Sometimes life comes full circle.  For Jennifer Starkey, Associate Director of Public Relations, life brought her back to Webster University. Starkey got a degree in broadcast journalism from Webster in ’98. Now, 17 years later, after living in Austin, TX, Columbia, MO and Chicago, IL, Starkey has returned as an employee. During her time as a student, Starkey received the George Herbert Walker Award for Leadership
and the Alumni Undergraduate Student Leadership Award.

Q. What was Webster like while you were an undergrad?

A: It was definitely a time of change. Even from when I started to when I graduated, things looked very different. When I started, there was a tennis court out by the quad and Sverdrup was a new building.

Q: When you were SGA President, what were the big issues on campus?

A: At the time, so many things were changing and students were getting fed up because they didn’t feel like they had a voice. Students were like, “Why is all of this happening and why aren’t we having a say in it?” So that really coincided with more structure and that we needed more say, and that students needed to be more involved.

Q: What made you come back to Webster?

A: My husband and I decided to move back to St. Louis a few years ago. I enjoyed non-profit PR in Chicago and when I saw the job at Webster, I jumped on it.  I remembered how much I enjoyed being here, how much I wanted to get back into non-profit PR and promoting something that I believed in.

Q: What does being in the Webster world mean to you?

A: It definitely feels like being home again. This place felt like such a right fit when I started, and I had such a good time. It makes me wonder why I didn’t think of doing this sooner. But everything has a path and you get there eventually. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a job this much in my career; it’s just a good feeling.

Q: What has changed at Webster from when you were a student to now?

A: It’s still so funny to me how much it’s different but it stays the same. Even walking into Sverdrup, it still smells the same way. It’s just great because I feel like I have found my group and I have found the place where I can do some good.

Story & Photo by 

Gaby Deimeke

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