Just Roll With It: Tips For Going Vegetarian

Story by: Chloe Hall

Photo by: Jeannie Liautaud

The fridge is almost empty. You’re eating a PB&J for the fourth meal in a row to avoid an expensive trip to the store. To top it off, a lack of vitamins and proteins are making you too exhausted to get up anyway. But don’t lose hope – becoming a vegetarian can be a frustrating yet rewarding lifestyle change. Here are a few tips to help adjust to this new way of living and thinking.

Dining in:

MorningStar offers excellent mock meat options including sausage patties, chicken nuggets and ground beef substitutes that are perfect for chili. Most of this faux meat is made from textured vegetable protein, which is created from soy. This brand is available at grocery stores like Schnucks and Trader Joe’s. Another great option is falafel, a Middle Eastern patty made of chickpeas makes for a delicious, protein-packed meal. Throw a few in some pita bread with hummus for a quick and easy sandwich. Falafel mix is carried at most grocery stores.

Dining out:

People tend to forget that when going out for Taco Bell, dishes can easily be made vegetarian. Just substitute beef or chicken with beans. Use this trick to make your Mexican adventures healthier and satisfying. As an added bonus, beans and rice eaten together make a complete serving of protein. Contrary to popular belief, fish is not included in a vegetarian’s diet either. When going out for sushi, there are several alternatives. A filling meal can include a variety of vegetable, fruit and tofu sushi. Top it off with veggie tempura, miso soup and a salad for a veggie-friendly feast.

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