Life Hacks

Everybody loves cutting corners and finding simple solutions to ordinary problems, and life hacks are a great shortcut.

written by Marcus Helbling

Life hacks are tiny blurbs of knowledge passed down from the elders of ye olde Internet. These little tricks are useful for managing time or creating better outcomes for everyday tasks. Life hacks are very easy to follow and good to keep in mind when certain situations arise. Here are just a few of the life hacks that can be found online and there are always more left to discover by simply thinking outside the box.

Have unpleasant smells lingering in that dorm room?

Grab a dryer sheet and slip it in the air vent. This will blow refreshing smells around the room, covering up unsavory odors.

Want to reheat some leftover pizza?

When heating up leftover pizza in the microwave, put in a small cup of water in the microwave with it to keep the crust from getting too chewy.

Need to pop a zit quick?

Apply hot water to the pimple. Hot water opens the pores very wide, so popping it will leave less of a blemish afterwards. Bonus tip: sleeping on pillows covered with a freshly-washed towel will help to reduce breakouts.

Exhausted from a night of little to no sleep?

Try taking a power nap. Sparing only ten minutes to rest can help improve wakefulness and overall performance for over two hours.

Want to cover up an unsightly bruise?

Bruises can be embarrassing and unsightly. Try applying a vinegar-drenched cotton ball to it for about an hour, that mark will become nothing but a memory.

Need more space in the fridge?

Stack your drinks with a binder clip. You know, those large black clips used to hold large packets of paper together? Clamp on of those into the grate of your fridge. This can now be used to stack bottles and cans on their side in pyramid formation to make more room.


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