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 With a double tap on an iPhone screen, the whole world can be your fan. Students can brand themselves in ways they couldn’t just ten years ago by carefully crafting an online persona. Whether you’re a seasoned media professional or an occasional user, everyone can up their game with these tips on the biggest platforms in social media.




Use Facebook to converse with your audience and encourage them to engage back. Make sure there is a dialogue on what you’re posting, not just a monologue. When sharing a link, add an image to the post to attract the reader’s eye. Save the important posts for weeknights — when there is the highest amount of traffic on Facebook — to gain more traction.




Ditch the standard #hashtag and join a Twitter chat. Organizations host chats through specified hashtags weekly or daily that cover topics from agriculture to health and lifestyle. Check out trending hashtags to join the current media craze, whether it’s a conversation on the latest political debate or another Kanye West rant. Twitter chats are a great way to meet new people in your area of interest.




Instagram is a creative outlet that allows pictures to tell your story. Try out a visual theme by using a specific filter or page topic. Stay consistent with it to allow a more crisp, organized page that followers will be aesthetically attracted to. Don’t flood your followers’ feed with too many pictures — limit yourself to posting only once or twice a day.

Story: Lara Hamdan

Photo: Jeannie Liautaud

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