London’s Theatre Scene: My Cup of Tea


London is a big city with big accommodations, and it’s obvious upon arriving in the city.. It’s even easy to get lost in London Heathrow Airport. But this shouldn’t deter anyone from viewing the positives of London. It’s a city steeped in history, spiced with entertainment and brimming with culture, and the perfect cup of tea for a study abroad experience.written by Jaron Rhoda

All three of these aspects come together best through London theatre. A great course to take here requires the class to see eight different productions for no additional cost. These shows include highly popular performances like War Horse, Fortune’s Fool and more experimental works like Ciphers, which is about British intelligence operation.

Professional American theatre is known for being a bit fancy.But in London, the overall theatrical atmosphere is more casual. Patrons commonly visit the bar at intermission, and can bring their drinks back into the theatre. There are also usually vendors selling treats, such as ice cream, in the aisles.

The price of tickets also reflects a more casual attitude than the onesurrounding theatre in America. By planning ahead, it is possible to get student-rush tickets at a highly discounted price. Waking up at seven and waiting in line for two hours to get Matilda tickets for only £5 made this fantastic musical even better.


Photo by Sierra Hancock

Just as New York is known for its wide variety of theatrical experiences, London has a famously rich theatre scene. From big-budget West End shows to smaller fringe theaters that are attached to pubs, central London is packed with opportunities to see a play or musical. These advantages are certainly worth taking advantage of by anyone who loves a good production.

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