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Buzz, clip or color the options for men’s hair vary now more than ever. Don’t wait for that special event coming up for the motivation to get a side fade. Grooming can help you appear more put-together on a daily basis and downright stylish.

Here are three styles to kick-start a new hair-grooming journey. Add originality to whatever you choose to do; it’ll take your style to the next level.

The Fade

Fading the hair at the sides of the head will add dimension and flow to the hairstyle. Some prefer a complete buzz on the sides, while others choose a gradual fade. This style requires more upkeep to ensure the sides are crisp and clean. A tip for interns and employees: short, styled hair tends to set a more professional tone.


Rooted in spiritual and cultural connections, many men dread their hair to represent their heritage in their everyday lives. Dreadlocks date back centuries and have been worn across cultures, from Africa to India. It takes a lot of time and effort to style dreadlocks, but if you’re not ready for the commitment, there are now yarn and synthetic faux locs.

The Man Bun

The man bun has quickly become a rising trend on and off the red carpet. Some men grow their hair to one length and tie it up, while others opt for edgier side fades with all the length in the middle. This style takes very minimal effort and is an easy way to keep hair away from the face. Long hair can set the ultimate carefree tone.

Story by Lara Hamdan

Photo by Jenny F. Chan

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