Cool & Casual


Trainers aren’t only for morning runs and ball caps can be for good hair days, too. Let your athletic and casual pieces be the flair to a smooth, monochromatic look.

Take your dad’s oversized sweater and roll up the sleeves or wear a flannel over your favorite hoodie. Kick off the heels and lace up the Yeezys. Bring edge to the scene in your Doc Martens or your favorite distressed jeans. You can still turn heads in a windbreaker and other casual or athletic-inspired looks. Be fresh — comfortable doesn’t need to mean underdressed.

Story: DeVon Haynes

Models: Shelby Wratchford & Vaughn Davis


Goth Girl

Whether raving all night at The Pageant or spending the day window shopping on Washington Avenue, a bold lip elevates your everyday look.


A vibrant candy apple red lipstick is a classic go-to that especially pops when paired with an all-black outfit. If you’re feeling particularly bold, revamp this timeless lip look with a playful fuchsia. Complement a dark outfit with a similarly intense lip; deep berry and burgundy hues add a contemporary style to your look.

Quick tip: Apply a light layer of foundation to your lips or use a lip primer to create an even base for color so you can be sure that intense pigments last throughout the day.

Story: Katie Dineen

Model: Natalie Baker


The septum piercing, which used to be a strictly punk rock accessory, has recently gained popularity. This piercing allows people to embrace daring modern trends while continuing to satisfy professional obligations by tucking the piercing into the nostrils for a job interview.

An appealing feature of the septum piercing is the array of jewelry available. Choosing delicate, simple jewelry like a rose gold hoop can add a chic flair to your look. However, you can always swap out the smaller jewelry for more daring options like a diamond-studded hoop or surgical steel tribal ring.


Simply Stated

Sometimes the best pop of color is no color at all. Maximize your wardrobe this spring by minimizing your palette and slipping into all white. Whether it’s cream, ivory, eggshell or pearl, a monochromatic white outfit is sure to be anything but vanilla.

Simplicity is key when picking an all-white outfit. For a truly modern, minimalistic look, stick to one shade of white and similar cuts — match tailored blazers with slim-fit pants and billowy blouses with relaxed trousers. Be creative with lengths as well; pairing a longline t-shirt with white-washed jeans can go a long way.


Don’t be afraid to go head-to-toe white with shoes and accessories. White sneakers, loafers and heels complete an all-white outfit — just remember to keep them clean.

Story: Romana Mrzljak

Model: EunHye Han

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