More Than a Number

It’s easy to describe ourselves in numbers, it happens all the time. We look at the number on a scale, the score we got on a test, and how old we are. We judge on what size we wear, and how many people liked our picture on Instagram. If you don’t describe yourself with numbers, you’re lying — we all use numbers to label ourselves.

It’s so much easier to say how many months you’ve been with someone rather than describing how you feel when you’re with them. It’s easier to say what you got on a test rather than how much you studied (or didn’t). “We were up until 4 a.m.” is a lot easier than mentioning all the little inside jokes and unforgettable events that happened last night.

Numbers are a lazy way to describe ourselves. Unfortunately, a lot of self worth often comes from numbers — we want validation, and numbers give it to us.

But we’re not calculators, we’re humans. We don’t live robotic lives and follow every command of a machine. We all have hearts, pumping blood through our veins and brains which decided how we react to something in a split second. Try and describe your brain just using numbers, you’ll never do it justice.

We are made of late nights and belly laughs, adventures and tears, road trips and smiles. Our bodies are full of breaking curfews and steak ‘n shake trips at midnight.

When we define ourselves with numbers, we forget the amazing parts of life. We cram every memory, assignment, meal and adventure into boring, unspecial numbers. But we as humans have more detail than any silly number could ever sum up.

Story by Natalie Wagner

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