Movie Remakes in 20 Words

Illustration by Johnny Pelhank

Movie franchises are always finding ways to draw more people at the box office.

Written by Johnny Pelhank

Sometimes it feels like these sequels are improvised and based on a script that was written in 20 words or less. So here’s an attempt at creating sequels to some classic films in only 20 words.

E.T. II E.T. is returned. Government takes alien and Elliot. They escape in car chase. J and K from MIB save day.

TWINS II The pair of identical twins Julius and Vincent operate the world’s largest drug traffic ring through their dog grooming company.

FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY JOB The movie fades in to Ferris graduating. He gets a job as a laborer building houses and is always late.

FIGHT CLUB II The narrator and Marla walk back home, continue going to support groups. They start a family and toddler fight club.

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