Naturally Neutral


As summer heat continues to set in, many opt for shorts and tank tops. However, that doesn’t have to be your only option. Hot spells don’t always mean shedding the clothes. Modest fashion is on the rise, not only in faith-based communities, but for everyone who loves the clean, classy, boss look. Modest fashion has become incredibly easier because it’s luxurious, yet affordable.

Ladies, maxi skirts, dresses and kimonos are your best friends. Summer is usually about vibrancy, but fashion lovers are embracing neutrals. Who doesn’t love an all-white-everything chic look? To maintain that modest approach, try buying a couple sizes larger. A simple cotton button-up and thin trousers let the air come through your baggy, breezy look — keeping you cool while looking hot.

Now let’s talk accessories. Pair your look with some slim rings, pearl earrings and a thin choker — you’ll be très chic for the summer heat. Men, remember to work those smart Fossil-style watches with a short sleeved oversized button-up, and keep it classy while covered.

Story by Ayesha Ather

Photo by Crystal French

Models Eva Ju & Liam Johnson

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