N’Dea Collins

Photo by Lily Voss

Expressions of an Artist.

Written by Chloe Hall

N’Dea Collins is just as spunky and  down-to-earth as she looks with her tattoos, blue hair and mismatched earrings. Collins is a junior working on a visual arts entrepreneurship degree, which she created through Webster’s self-designed
interdisciplinary major program.

Q:What’s your favorite tattoo  you have?

A: I’m really excited about the one that’s not even on me yet — the scarab beetle. The scarab beetle is supposed to represent the
heart and transitioning into yourself.

Q:What’s your spirit animal?

A: I guess I would say that I’m an owl because I definitely like to take flight a lot. I’m very nomadic. I also like a lot of adventure and things like that.

Q:Coffee or tea?

A: Tea. Especially Pomegranate green tea. I used to be really addicted to tea, but I’ve kind of slowed it down over the past couple of years.

Q:What’s your staple article of clothing? 

A: I would definitely say hats are a thing of mine. I guess it just makes me feel like my head’s on my shoulders.

Q:If you could travel anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go? 

A:I would go to Ghana. I’ve been researching my background, and I found out that a big percentage of my family comes from there, so I think that’d be cool. Go back to the motherland and just indulge myself in the culture. 

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