Photo by Johnny Pelhank

The best spots in St. Louis.

Written by Audrey Hasse

For Webster students, college life looks nothing like the movies. Instead of frat houses and football games, students head to the streets in search of nightlife. Here’s The Ampersand’s guide to the best St. Louis spots to check out before hitting the pavement this weekend.


Cherokee Street:

Fortune Teller Bar

Scared of the future? Perhaps some liquid courage will calm those nerves. One of Cherokee Street’s most popular spots, The Fortune Teller Bar offers tarot card readings and unique cocktails in a dim, moody space.

Whiskey Ring

Stray from Seagrams at this refined whiskey bar.

Art Bar

Tatyana Teinikova, owner of the The Handlebar, had another stroke of genius with Art Bar. Drink and draw at this artsy hangout.




Mojitos to drink and swings for seats. Channel those schoolyard days at this Maplewood bar. Show up late for DJ sets or karaoke. Not too late though, the recess bell rings at 1am.

The Crow’s Nest

Before heading to the 3am bars, kick back in a church pew booth. Vintage movie posters add to the charm of the laid back dive-y atmosphere.

The Post

Catch the game and a plate of hot wings at this sports bar that is nearly wallpapered with flat screens.



A Soulard pub crawl staple that is always poppin’. Creole restaurant by day, this drinkery stays loyal to the neighborhood’s French heritage.

Venice Cafe

The City Museum of bars. Funky decor makes for an unforgettable night out.

Morgan Ford:

 The Silver Ballroom

Listen to punk and play pinball in this arcade bar.

Amsterdam Tavern

A sports bar perfect for those who fell in love with futbol during their time studying abroad. The Amsterdam Tavern is a south city soccer bar with a sweeping beer collection.


The Grove:

The Handlebar

A bike themed bar with a club vibe on the weekend. Cover charge is waived for those who pedal their way to this spot. Come for dancing, not talking.


When else can someone excitedly exclaim they’re going to rehab? This LGBT bar is perfect for dancing or catching a drag show.

Atomic Cowboy:

A late night kitchen, hip-hop tunes and a massive patio. Saddle up for a good time.




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