Packing Tips: Catering To Each Campus

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When studying abroad, the only thing more time-consuming than going through customs is packing for the trip itself. Trying to cram everything in just to discover that the whole sitting-on-the-suitcase trick doesn’t even work can be frustrating.

For those who want to avoid limiting their purchases abroad to a few trinkets, remember to pack light by only bringing what’s necessary. Passports, everyday clothing and toiletries aside, here are some essential items to save room for when packing to study abroad.

At all campus locations make sure to pack an over-the-shoulder bag or fanny pack, journal, quality water bottle, converters (those aren’t cheap overseas) and a camera. Specifically for the European campuses, make sure to bring a sturdy umbrella, rain jacket, comfortable but stylish shoes and clothes for layering. If visiting the Thailand or Ghana campus is on the list, don’t forget bug spray, sanitary wipes, light clothes/fabrics, hat (for sun protection) and a flashlight.

Story by Sierra Hancock

Photo by Latasha Dean 

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