College Bucketlist

Four years is a decent amount of time on paper, but on the roller coaster ride that is the “college experience,” time is relative….



Likes, favorites and retweets are what keep people coming back to social media. However, social media is a hub for narcissism. There’s no denying…


Assimilating Lifestyles

As one reflects on the comforts of home, buzzwords such as the St. Louis Arch, toasted ravioli and Imo’s Pizza strike a reassuring chord…

Childless by Choice

My friend hands me her niece, who cannot yet speak. I keep my arms extended, leaving Lily dangling. “What is she, like four?”

photo by Hayden Molinarolo

Grace Madden

Grace Madden, sophomore stage management major, seems just like any other student in Webster University’s Conservatory of Theatre Arts — someone whose life is…