Sips for a Steal

Classy Cocktails for the Pinched Pocketbook Kerplunk! A perfect ice cube lands in the glass, causing the honey-colored liquid to ripple. You raise it…


1970: Floral

Floral prints had the time of their lives in the ‘70s when it was all about flower power, but now the style is back….

nikki shoes for website

1990: Boots

Today’s combat boots hold true to the old-school grunge style, typically laced or zipped up.


The Nostalgia Era

It’s a form of personal expression. It’s a way to speak your mind without saying a word. It allows you to showcase to the…


The Coffee is Good

Reviewing Diners Around St. Louis Yelp’s top-rated local restaurants are too classy for some. What fills their stomachs are diners, and those diners fill…


Michelle Loyet

Anthropology professor, roller derby enthusiast, world traveller As a new parent, anthropology professor Michelle Loyet thought it would be difficult to take care of an…


A subtle rebellion

Millennials Forgo Organized Religion for Spiritual Beliefs A medley of peculiar possessions engulfs a room from floor to ceiling. Titles such as “The Essential Rumi” and “Contemporary…


Grant Manczuk

Business & audio student, cystic fibrosis educator, cat lover When Grant Manczuk was in the hospital last semester, he missed his shifts as a…