Perfect in Pastel


Each summer, the trends are officially set in stone for the rest of the year. If you don’t know where to look, you might be left by the wayside. While it’s important to not get too caught up in all the things stylists deem “popular,” it’s still fun to switch up your style once in awhile.

Bright hair color has been popular for a few seasons now, but every year it gets a makeover. The big trend this season is subtle technicolor additions to your locks. Keeping the root natural makes your new vibrant addition look effortless and gives it a soft finish. Choose hues like copper or dusty rose, or go more vibrant with a fiery orange-red. If you want a cooler tone, lilac is a good option — just use purple shampoo to keep it vibrant. When you’re going to the salon, ask for the color you want over blonde, ombre highlights.

Pairing outfits with colored hair can seem daunting, as most people have the mentality that the colors shouldn’t clash. On the contrary, you should embrace the clashing as it makes the overall look more interesting. Go for a ‘60s mod approach with big, loud color-blocking that compliments the softer look of your hair. If bold patterns aren’t your thing, go for a basic tee and jeans combo, but pair it with big, geometric earrings.

A hairstyle is only as good as the outfit that goes with it, which creates your overall vibe. With these hairstyle trends, you can easily switch up your style with little commitment. Pairing it with loud colors, bold patterns or big jewelry is sure to catch eyes. What’s the point of self-expression if you’re not making a statement?

Story by Emily Klein

Photo by Crystal French

Models Maggie Zhu Makenna Burton

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