Scene on Campus


scene6Browning Hall offers a beautiful and functional space for students

Photo Essay by Christian Lindgren

Browning Hall, Webster University’s new Interdisciplinary Science Building, makes a big statement on campus. The building opened in August and stands tall among the Pearson and Sam H. Priest buildings nearby, making it impossible to miss. The  primarily-glass exterior and modern design gives of the feeling that Browning Hall truly is state-of-the-art.

The building is home to departments such as biological sciences, anthropology, nursing and psychology. Browning Hall features 27 laboratories, a human anatomy laboratory, a nurse anesthesia simulation lab and a 129- seat auditorium.

Of course, there is a bit of skepticism when it comes to staring up at a $44 million building and whether or not it’s worth such a big price tag. But this skepticism is met by the beautiful design and usable space that Browning Hall offers. The windowed exterior allows for exaggerated beams of light to dance across the hallways. Paintings and sculptures decorate the interior walls to give the ultra-modern building some character. A student favorite is the large fish tank that sits between a classroom and a hallway.

scene5Browning Hall has a lot to offer theWebster community, significantly improving the quality of education in the College of Arts and Sciences.



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