Steeped In Benefits: Tea For Every Occasion

Sweet or bitter, black or oolong, teas can boost antioxidants and subdue stress. With roots in
ancient Chinese medicine, this flavorful drink can
be so much more than
a coffee replacement.

Hello Glow

Packed with hydrating antioxidants, Green tea promotes healthy, radiant skin. Add a bit of zesty ginger and ice to cool down irritated skin.

Properties: non-caffeinated

or caffeinated, herbal, tart

Calming Kava 

Sip stress away with a relaxing blend of Kava root and cinnamon. Serve the peppery mixture hot with a side of Netflix or a good book to ensure tranquility.

Properties: non-caffeinated, herbal, spicy

Sweet Slumber

With an herbal, lemony flavor, Celestial Seasoning’s Sleepytime makes it easy to drift off with spearmint, rosebuds and lemongrass.

Properties: non-caffeinated, herbal, sweet

Rejuvenate and Reenergize

Perfect for the transition
from coffee to tea,
energizing Guayaki
Yerba Mate contains
only the antioxidant-
packed organic yerba
mate leaf and stem
for an intense flavor.

Properties: caffeinated, herbal, slightly bitter

Story by: Claire Mueller

Photo by: Lily Voss

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