Safe ways to to do your own stylish tattoo

Stick ‘n’ poke tattooing is the do-it-yourself process of taking a needle, dipping it in ink and creating a permanent image on skin. Tattooing has evolved from an ancient ritual to forms of personal expression. The tattoos can be as intricate as the artist can make them, but the general aesthetic is simple in its design. The process of stick ‘n’ poke slows down the speed of a tattoo by a few hundred pokes per minute in comparison to one you might get at your local tattoo shop, taking stick ‘n’ pokes much longer to draw a basic outline.

The most important part about the stick ‘n’ poke process (and all other tattoo processes) is to be as safe and clean as possible. Gloves should always be worn and should not come of until the tattoo is finished and covered. Never reuse needles or cups that hold ink. Disinfect everything, and follow all the common steps of letting a tattoo heal.

The small and simple nature of stick ‘n’ pokes come across in a playful and concise look. Stick ‘n’ pokes can be the doodles in your notebook during a four-hour class, or just three dots on an index finger. It is the irony of realizing the permanence of a tattoo and then tattooing the outline of a soda can. Stick ‘n’ poke tattoos are a cheap, easy and fun way to be expressive.

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