Street Style

Photo by Hayden Molinarolo

Outfits express individuality by applying cultures, colors, ensemble accessories and personality. All types of style can be spotted on Webster University’s campus. No matter if they are glasses, bracelets, button downs, washed jeans, scarves or even suspenders, it can add a personal flare to one’s outfit. Communicating trends with the use of originality is the key to street style.

Story by Aigner Stephen

Ashley Preuss

How would you describe your style?
Eclectic! I go thrifting to find unique pieces – the weirder the better.

What are you wearing?

Knee high socks with Doc Martens, a poofy skirt, a button-up collared shirt and my mom’s hat from the 80’s.

What’s you favorite accessory?

My glasses! People think they’re fake but they’re actually prescription, and I love them!

Chandler Waite

How would you describe your style? 

I pair things that shouldn’t look good together, but look made for each other.

What are you wearing?

Earth-tone boots, camo khakis, YSL shirt, suspenders and a red leather jacket.

What’s your favorite accessory? 

Suspenders, ties and scarves

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