Study Abroad Survival Guide


• Get familiarized with the currency and exchange rate.

• Make travel plans before departure. A general sense of the area is valuable when setting aside money for traveling.

•Make sure to reap the benefits of student discounts while abroad; many tourist sites grant a discount with the International Student Identity Card (ISIC).


Apps To Download

• Wi-Fi Finder: Wi-Fi may be more difficult to find in some countries than in others. Download this application, and it will direct you to the nearest hotspot.

• Lonely Planet Travel Guide: Can’t find the way to that pub everyone keeps talking about? This app offers offline maps, GPS tracking and language guides for over 80 different countries.

• WhatsApp: A great alternative to buying a phone plan abroad.WhatsApp allows users to send and receive texts when connected to Wi-Fi.


The Flight

Middle seat nightmares:

Stuck in that awkward middle seat between a snoring businessman and a restless child? Try different distraction tactics, such as catching up on the latest movies and TV shows.

Fighting off jet lag: Stand up every once in awhile, even if it means crawling over another person. Stretching and hydration are key to avoiding jet lag.

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