Tips to help you find “The One”

Story by Helio Qendro

Ahhh, the joy of logging into a dating app and swiping through a pile of potential significant others. Have you ever found yourself swiping and swiping with no result? (Trust me, it’s not you, it’s them.) Well you, my friend, are in for a treat—here are some hot tricks that will leave singles within 25 miles from you wanting more.


One thing that a lot of people forget about dating apps is that you actually have to talk to people. Imagine you want to start a conversation with a cutie you matched with. First, look at their bio and see if anything strikes your interest. If nothing does, look at their pictures and see if there are any subjects that gets you two talking. When all else fails, use a pun or cheesy pick up line. Do not ask “what’s up?” because you risk getting “the ceiling” as a reply.


The bio section is an exceptional place to express your personality. Here, you get the opportunity to show that you are quirky, ready-to-mingle or just to say that you like memes.

But don’t get too carried away, there is a time and place for business inquiries, and your bio is not one of them. Nothing says “I like to read and keep in touch with daily news” better than a quote from your favorite TV show or a peace guru like Kim Kardashian.


Photos are the most vital part of a dating profile. Now is not the time for minimalism. It is important to utilize all the space you have for photos. The first picture is the kicker here:  if you’ve ever met a celebrity, owned a pet or blacked out and have photo evidence, display these front and center.

It is important that you pretend to have a social life, so try to show at least one picture with another person. If you have a picture of yourself holding a fish (or any dead  animal), delete it, delete your profile and start over. And I’m also calling PETA on you.


These apps ofer insight as to who you are, and they show of your personality. Do not: Pick a Pitbull song as your anthem!

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