Julia Peschel

Kuhle “Kay” Damba

COMEDIAN, GENEVAN, CHAMPION Kuhle “Kay” Damba, a computer science major at Webster Geneva, is the kind of guy who can spark up a genuine…


Realistic Wanderlust

    A lonely traveler steps off a train in an unfamiliar country. They look to their phone, but damn — no wifi service….


Hailey Kaufman

Biology, philosophy & religious studies student, bone collector, rat parent Surrounded by dead carcasses and collections of bones, Hailey Kaufman explores the worlds of…


A subtle rebellion

Millennials Forgo Organized Religion for Spiritual Beliefs A medley of peculiar possessions engulfs a room from floor to ceiling. Titles such as “The Essential Rumi” and “Contemporary…


Grant Manczuk

Business & audio student, cystic fibrosis educator, cat lover When Grant Manczuk was in the hospital last semester, he missed his shifts as a…

healingstones4white2 (1)

Get Stoned

Natural Healing for Every Realm of Life School, jobs, relationships, stress — sometimes life is hard, man. For a natural way to alleviate a little…



Your Ordinary Grandmasters Vasif Durarbayli and Liem Le traveled a long way to get to Webster. Here, these roommates juggle classes, friends, hobbies and extracurricular…