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TK Mays

  GENDERFLUID,  PERFORMER,  ADVOCATE Some things are constant for sophomore dramaturgy and theater studies major Tk Mays, like performing and their obsession with mermaids….


Major Adjustments

Asking an 18-year-old what they want to do for the rest of their life puts a lot of pressure on an undeveloped brain. Over…

eat local image

Healthy, Local, Low Cost

Eat Well for Less It’s lunch, you’re hungry and you only have 10 dollars in your pocket. Instead of driving through your favorite fast…


The Coffee is Good

Reviewing Diners Around St. Louis Yelp’s top-rated local restaurants are too classy for some. What fills their stomachs are diners, and those diners fill…


Grant Manczuk

Business & audio student, cystic fibrosis educator, cat lover When Grant Manczuk was in the hospital last semester, he missed his shifts as a…