Take A Chance


The word tourist has a bad reputation. Tourism isn’t necessarily about the sights that look pretty in a Facebook picture, or every dirty detail of a another city. It’s about exploring opportunities and taking on life in a new place.

written by Forrest Burrelsman

Although everyone can feel stuck in their own small worlds, there is an unseen beauty in traveling.  Visiting new places and being a tourist can lead to great experiences.  Just make sure to leave the fanny pack at home.

The stereotypical tourist might never think to hop on a motorbike, drive through the rural roads of Hua Hin, Thailand and end up on the beach watching the sun set. But being spontaneous and adventurous is worthwhile.

The point of traveling is to see the unseen, so remember that there is no right or wrong outcome. Don’t feel pressured to walk away from every moment a completely new and enlightened individual. Create and explore opportunities that are going to personalize the journey.

Staying positive is important when traveling. Yet sometimes, feelings of frustration or uncertainty may still happen.  It’s natural and healthy to feel some contrast along with the good. Fully feel new experiences, and try to feel excited about unfamiliar surroundings.

Photo by Jeannie Lietaud

It’s also important to learn about lifestyles that are different, and respecting them is key. For example, it is a Thai custom to take off one’s shoes before entering someone’s home, an establishment or sacred area. Remember, different is not inevitably good or bad. It’s just different.

Since there are so many worlds out there, everyone has the opportunity to learn new ways of life. Everyone  can become more in tune with each other as one whole. Try not to become too heavily congested in all the chaos of traveling — take time to be a tourist.

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