Take A Seat

Photo by Erin Shildmyer

A Look at Theaters in St. Louis.

Written by Audrey Hasse

In recent years, movie-streaming sites like Netflix have done their fair share to take the public out of velvet theater seats and into Ben and Jerry’s stained comforters. Despite the convenience of Netflix, the movie-going experience is irreplaceable. There’s nothing quite like seeing a film and eating popcorn that wasn’t microwaved in a distraction-free environment. It’s time to raise those overpriced sodas and toast a few St. Louis spots keeping the art of movie-going alive.


MX Movies:

Open since early 2013, MX Movies (MX) is one of St. Louis’ newest theaters. It’s located in downtown’s Mercantile Exchange District. In addition to the sleek decor, MX is also popular for its dine-in theaters. Sit back, relax and enjoy items such as toasted ravioli, sliders or brownie a la mode. Naturally, the experience costs more as a result of the joined expenses. Lower the cost by ditching the movie and spending an evening at the bar or attending weekly trivia nights. If out of cash, MX occasionally offers free showings of classic films.

The Hi-Pointe:

Deciding which movie to see can become an overwhelming task. The Hi-Pointe makes it easy by only showing one film at a time. Located near Forest Park since 1922, the Hi Pointe is one of the city’s oldest movie theaters. The theater shows mostly independent films and offers midnight movies. The Hi-Pointe boasts many accolades including best marquee, best movie theater and believe it or not, best urinals. No 2D movie costs more than $8 and ticket prices get as low as $5 for matinees.

The Moolah Theatre and Lounge:

This theater calls itself “The Civilized Alternative to the Megaplex.” The Moolah Theater and Lounge is serious about the lounge part.  In addition to normal seats, it provides leather couches for moviegoers.  Sofa seats fill up quickly, so get there early to snag one. The Moolah shows just one film at a time, but the experience is much more than the flick. The grand domed architecture, a bar with themed drinks, billiards and the bowling alley are all part of an exquisite experience. Standard admission is $9 and unlike many theaters, The Moolah offers student ticket pricing for $7.

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